Working with Healthcare Consultants and Brokers

One question we are frequently asked is whether we work alongside healthcare consultants or third party brokers, if a company that is our client wishes to bring one in for any number of reasons. The answer is yes, we do. Here’s why: We see these professionals as colleagues and partners, not competition. Our business model only succeeds if our clients save money, so we are happy to work with anyone else a company has brought in to help them save money. We can work together to achieve the client’s goal, no matter what that goal is.

Sometimes, the objective of the consultant is to implement a wellness program that will reduce the company’s overall healthcare costs; this is becoming increasingly common, now that the government gives companies a “reward” of sorts in the form of a discount on health insurance premiums, deductibles and other costs; the discounts may be up to 30 percent or more, especially if the programs are designed to help employees quit smoking. This is another development that was introduced in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, so we have been doing this for the past couple of years as companies have begun taking advantage of it.

Other times, the aim of the healthcare consultant or broker is to help its client companies find the best possible health plan for the organization. They take into consideration factors such as the size of the company, demographics of employees (i.e. women of childbearing age, older adults, etc.), in addition to data on the nearest providers. No matter the reason a company has brought in a healthcare consultant or broker, we can work alongside these outside professionals to help the company attain its goal. If your organization is working with a broker or consultant to choose the best health plan, implement a wellness program or accomplish some other healthcare-related tasks, contact GM&A to see how we can help.

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