What is a Health Plan Checkup?

What is a Health Plan Checkup?

Believe it or not, it isn’t an exam in your physician’s office. It’s an entirely different kind of checkup – more of an analysis, really. And, to make a more important point: It’s designed primarily for employers who provide health insurance to employees and self-insured individuals.

A periodic health plan checkup is an analysis of your current health plan, whether it’s the plan you provide for your employees or the plan you insure for yourself and your family. More often than not, it’s self-insured employers who will need this type of analysis. During this appointment, we will help you:

  • Analyze new trends for insurers and providers
  • Make informed projections about the future
  • Identify ways you can save more money on your health plan

Think this is a waste of time? Think again! On any service that requires a large investment, you should want to sit down and analyze where the money is being spent, in addition to examining ways to save more money in the coming year. Some employers wait until the open enrollment period to do this, but in reality, a health plan checkup can happen any time of year.

For instance, school district employers may want to do their health plan check up now before the end of the school year – in time to make any necessary adjustments before breaking for summer. That way, there can be a fresh start when school picks back up in the fall. For any business that slows down in the summer, now is a great time to schedule a health plan checkup so that things are squared away before you start thinking about vacations.

Last of all, employers and individuals who still haven’t taken advantage of direct contracting can make their appointments for health plan checkups. To make an appointment for your health plan check up, contact GM&A. No matter what your current health plan is, we will be glad to examine it and identify ways where you can save money by directly contracting with healthcare providers.

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