Reducing Health Plan Costs in Risky Government Jobs

Reducing Health Plan Costs in Risky Government Jobs

City, county and state governments tend to get a bad rap as employers sometimes, thanks to the incorrect notions some ascribe to – you know, the mischaracterizations that government jobs are for “lazy” people. These generalities are unfair to not only the brave law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency workers who put their lives on the line every day, but also the highly skilled professionals like city landscapers, equipment handlers and maintenance people who work for their municipalities – people who put their bodies at risk for the local government job they do.

When one of these workers gets injured in the line of duty – be it through a tragic gunshot wound, an unfortunate equipment accident, a fire, an explosion, a vehicle crash or any other various possibilities – that employee automatically becomes an emergency patient that needs both immediate and ongoing treatment. The medical costs of surgery, therapy and follow-up visits for the injured employee can be staggering, and the employer is obligated to pick up the tab. With that in mind, we at GM&A Corporate Healthcare Consultants want to make sure local governments know that direct contracting can help them save on these costs immediately, if they switch their health plans to our cost-effective model of coverage.

Local government employers, from police departments and fire departments to landscape and maintenance departments and more, can take advantage of direct contracting to reduce the costs of covering employees in these high risk fields. Contact GM&A today to find out more; we are happy to meet with local government employers throughout the United States who may be interested in learning how to cover their valuable employees with quality health plans for less money.

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