Privatizing Single Payer Healthcare

Privatizing Single Payer Healthcare

There are less than two weeks until the presidential election, and the final debate included some discussion on healthcare – specifically, which candidate would “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act and which one would simply amend the existing law. Remember, though: If the existing law were to be altered, the result would still be some form of a single payer system that would cost taxpayers just as much money as the ACA already does (whether it’s in the form of higher premiums for covered individuals or higher taxes across the board). Meanwhile, repealing and replacing is not as easy as it sounds. Either way, America has a hard road ahead of itself when it comes to perfecting its healthcare system.

In the meantime, we urge employers to look at the private market healthcare solution we offer at GM&A. It is almost a form of single payer, only the “payer” is a private entity that simplifies processes, lowers costs and improves care – not a government bureaucracy that complicates, charges and delays.

Our method, direct contracting, gives employers the opportunity to affordably cover their employees with healthcare plans that make sense for the organization and everyone in it. It is designed to make it easier for employers to comply with the existing Affordable Care Act, while still helping them drive down costs. It even gives them the ability to create a customized network of providers in their local area, as opposed to subjecting them to only one or two providers to choose from. No presidential candidate can feasibly promise that to anyone, but a private entity can; GM&A can.

We have a message for employers throughout the United States: If you are tired of the political back-and-forth on healthcare, contact GM&A to request a no-obligation health plan consultation. We will be happy to speak with you!

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