Political Candidates and Healthcare | Who’s Best for Your Corporate Health Plan Costs?

Political Candidates and Healthcare | Who’s Best for Your Corporate Health Plan Costs?

One of the biggest misconceptions we have heard from potential clients lately is the idea that one political party or the other can "save" them from healthcare cost ruin. If you’re a CEO, CFO or HR professional, we want you to hear this: It really doesn’t matter who wins the election this year when it comes to saving money on your company’s health plan. No matter what anyone says, none of the candidates would have any control as President over the rising costs of healthcare. Was there something to be done about it before the Affordable Care Act? To an extent, yes. But now, what’s done is done. Repealing the ACA, if that were to happen (which is unlikely), would not bring about the sweeping healthcare cost changes that politicians promise it would. It’s just too late for that now.

Here’s what can be done, though, no matter who wins the election. You, as a corporate leader, can implement a company health plan model that saves money year after year. It’s called direct contracting, and it’s the only guaranteed way to reduce your current health care expenditures by 30%. By contracting directly with physicians, hospitals and other providers, you can save substantially on your company health plan while keeping the coverage in place for your employees.

There’s a lot to worry about in an election season – but your company health plan costs shouldn’t be one of those things. No matter what party you’re a member, you can remove healthcare costs from your list of reasons to vote for any particular candidate because it’s all the same. What isn’t the same is direct contracting. It’s a service that can save companies on their healthcare costs time and time again.

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