Pardon the Interruption...

Pardon the Interruption…

…But it’s time for a promotional break! This is an important one, because if you’re in the healthcare consulting industry or certain categories of benefits fulfillment, we just might have the lifeline you’ve been waiting for. Here goes!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: GM&A is happy to partner with other entities. Who are they? They’re benefits providers, facilitators, brokers and consultants of all types.

When we say “partner,” here’s what that means: On the front end, any partner of ours can sell its services to an employer or other large group. On the back end, we will provide the service. We’ll do the audits, we’ll worry about all the compliance and we’ll process the employee claims as they come in. We’ll even handle the Affordable Care Act regulations – a big plus in the new world of healthcare. In addition to working with brokers and consultants, we are also ready and able to help with vision benefits, pharmaceuticals and other fulfillment needs.

After attending the Dallas Fort Worth Business Group on Health (DFWBGH) last week and meeting so many potential partners at the 11th Annual Benefits & Wellness Forum, we know there is a gaping hole that only we can fill. If you are a broker, consultant or other firm that is in need of back end fulfillment, we’re the ones to call for turnkey, full service direct contracting. This is the future of healthcare service, and we know how to provide it.

GM&A had a drawing for two Apple Watches at the DFWBGH Forum and we would like to congratulate our two winners, Margret Wise from The City of Fort Worth, and Kristen Ramirez from Holmes Murphey! GM&A also would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperious Happy New Year!

To learn more, contact Hurb Vandenhoogen, GM&A Vice President of Corporate Accounts, at (858) 775-9170.


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