Obamacare Open Enrollment: Should You Sign Up?

Obamacare Open Enrollment: Should You Sign Up?

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, over 1 million Americans signed up for health insurance plans on the federal government’s HealthCare.gov platform during the first two weeks of this year’s open enrollment period. That includes 250,000 new Obamacare consumers and over 750,000 renewing their current Obamacare plans. With that in mind, should you enroll in your state’s Obamacare exchange this open enrollment period? That’s a decision only you can make for yourself, but what we can tell you is this: If you don’t have access to a health plan through your employer, Obamacare isn’t necessarily the only option you have for coverage. 

What if you could contract directly with healthcare providers, rather than worrying about the foibles of the mixing government subsidies with the health insurance industry altogether? It is possible, not just for employers but also for individuals in some cases – and direct contracting is what makes it possible. Direct contracting is a service that people can take advantage of if they are interested in exploring their options for healthcare coverage, not just to save costs, but also in order to gain more control over their own care. It can be especially useful for people who need to see specialists, or people who require ancillary healthcare supplies to support certain conditions: wheelchairs, shower chairs, walkers, etc. If you speak with a healthcare consultant who facilitates direct contracting services, you are under no obligation to proceed with contract negotiations – but you just might find yourself  excited about the money you can save.

To find out if you can cut your personal healthcare costs with direct contracting, contact GM&A Healthcare Consultants to request a complimentary consultation. You’re under no obligation to purchase; this can be an informative meeting to discuss your personal healthcare expenses and ways to address them. If Obamacare is something you’d rather avoid, then there’s no better time to make this appointment.  

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