Making Healthcare Costs Transparent

Making Healthcare Costs Transparent

From business to government to essential services like banking and healthcare, transparency is the name of the game in our current cultural climate. People crave honesty and uprightness from anyone or anything they are invested in, and understandably so. In healthcare, transparency is truly the future – but unfortunately, it’s only a rare few who understand and act upon that principle. When a healthcare consumer has no idea what services cost at his hospital or physicians group, it’s a dismal reality. All he knows is that he gets sick, he gets treated, and he hopes for the best.  

But in the health plan solution we offer, direct contracting, consumers get the exact opposite experience; in other words, they get the transparency they rightfully hope for as a healthcare consumer. That’s because their employer agrees with us upon a set of rates, and both sides are contractually bound to those rates. The employer, normally through its human resources department, makes it clear to the members of the plan what the costs are and we are openly communicating with all parties along the way.

From the healthcare consulting group (that’s us), to the human resources department, to company management and of course to the employees, we are all on the same page when it comes to healthcare costs; that’s the beauty of the direct contracting model. It’s an ecosystem that works really well for an organization that is trying to reduce healthcare costs while keeping the lines of communication open with its employees.

Now, we know what you might ask: “What if someone has an atypical situation with their healthcare?” Well, good news: If there are issues with an employee’s plan – say, there’s something strange, tricky or otherwise unusual about the care he requires for a condition – we are not afraid to get involved. We encourage employers to alert us in these situations, so we can intervene on their behalf to reduce costs for the employee. That’s a whole new layer of transparency, isn’t it?

For questions on reducing your organization’s health plan costs through the direct contracting healthcare model, contact GM&A today. We will be happy to provide you with more information. 

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