Large Employers: Start Planning for 2018 (Yes, 2018!)

Large Employers: Start Planning for 2018 (Yes, 2018!)

When you’re a large employer of 1,000 employees or more and you’re interested in finding a new company health plan that can help your organization’s bottom line, you can’t afford to delay the process. If the goal is to offer a new plan in time for open enrollment of the next year, there’s bad news: Believe it or not, you’re already behind.  

In our experience, too many companies are unaware how long the process of transitioning to a new company health plan can be. While some employers are still considering their options for 2017, the reality is that it’s already time to start planning for 2018. Yes, 2018!

Too Late for 2017?

Does that mean it’s too late to develop a new company health plan for 2017? It may very well be, but you’ll never until you speak with a corporate healthcare consultant who can advise you. GM&A is a corporate healthcare consulting group that can provide an alternative way of reducing costs to your company health plan; we call that alternative method direct contracting, and it’s one of the simplest (yet most effective) health plan models you’ll ever encounter.

Regardless, industry limitations being what they are means that it takes us multiple months to put a direct contracting plan together for a large employer client. We have to meet with you, look at your company health care claims data and then begin putting a plan together that can be incorporated before the final stage, open enrollment.

What’s the First Step?

It may be too late for 2017, but you’ll only know after you ask – and if it is, then the time to start the process for 2018 is now. Contact GM&A Healthcare Consultants to request a complimentary health plan meeting, at your location anywhere in the U.S., for the decision makers in your organization. We will be glad to show you what direct contracting can do for your company! 

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