Direct Contracting: A Completely New Payment System in Healthcare

Direct Contracting: A Completely New Payment System in Healthcare

By now, many of us realize that the Affordable Care Act was simply a bandage applied to a healthcare coverage system that was already spiraling into failure. For all the work that was done in Washington, D.C. to pass it in 2009, the ACA was really nothing more than a “best we can do right now” initiative. In states like Colorado and Oregon, residents are torn between supporting proposed legislation that would allegedly cover everyone vs. deciding that the universal healthcare model at the federal level - the ACA, also known as Obamacare - is simply not working, and therefore it would not work at the state level either.

Maybe that’s the reason why many healthcare experts are currently advocating for a completely new payment system. They don’t always offer specifics, though, and that’s where we come in. GM&A has over a decade of success with the direct contracting system, an innovative healthcare payment model that always ensures the two most important healthcare goals are accomplished: 1.) patients get covered, and 2.) providers get paid. It’s not insurance, but it complements insurance services so that providers are paid upfront rather than reimbursed (unless a different customized plan is chosen; there are numerous options for health plan customization). It’s not government subsidized, but it is a system that employers can use to meet their newfound Obamacare obligations for covering employees while still remaining profitable.

Unlike the ACA, direct contracting gets the job done. It’s not a bandage; it’s a solution. It’s the “completely new payment system” that healthcare experts are advocating for. To learn more, contact GM&A to request a complimentary health plan consultation (also known as a health plan checkup). We will be glad to speak with you.

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