Covering Employees with a Pre-Existing Condition – For Less

Covering Employees with a Pre-Existing Condition – For Less

We are sometimes asked by employers whether we can do anything to help them offset the cost of covering an employee with a pre-existing medical condition. The answer is yes, we can – by helping the organization switch to the direct contracting health plan model. Here are some of the pre-existing conditions we are referring to:

  • Diabetes, which affects 9.3% of      Americans
  • Asthma, which affects 25 million      people or 8% of Americans
  • Heart disease, which is the leading      cause of death for both men and women
  • Cancer (37% of cancer survivors make      a work adjustment, but many remain employed)

Taking all of this into account, it makes sense for employers to find ways to cover valuable employees for less when they are affected by a pre-existing condition. Here’s how direct contracting can help.

In cases like these, GM&A acts a broker that negotiates lower rates with the providers that the affected employees rely on. Whether it’s an oncology practice, a hospital with outstanding cancer treatment or a heart specialist, we can work with them on lowering costs so they can remain part of your network – but at a rate you can afford as a benefits provider. Then, your talented employees can be covered affordably and you’ll no longer be inclined to find their conditions “expensive.” This is just another way that direct contracting can be incredibly valuable for an organization, whether it is a private or public employer.

To learn more, contact GM&A to request a complimentary health plan “checkup.” This is a free phone appointment – or in person, for large employers – that outlines all the benefits of switching your health plan to our direct contracting service. We can be reached at (325) 224-3245.

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