Making the Fate of the ACA Irrelevant to You

Making the Fate of the ACA Irrelevant to You

With a new President, and now a new Secretary of Health and Human Services, we’re continuing to hear that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed and replaced – but, if you listen to the people with mouthpieces, “portions” of the act will be retained. Often, they’re speaking of the popular, consumer-friendly aspects of the law such as children staying on their parents’ plans until age 26, etc. But what about the less talked-about parts of the ACA? Here are some aspects of the ACA that lawmakers are considering the fate of:

  • Cost-sharing      subsidies, AKA the money that goes to insurers to help protect low-income      healthcare consumers from paying too much out of pocket
  • The      individual mandate, otherwise known as the ACA’s requirement that every      American obtain health insurance or face a tax penalty
  • Consumer      protections in the ACA, which are the portions of the legislation that      make it a bit too easy for Americans to game the system – in other words,      wait until they get sick or injured to sign up for a healthcare plan (and      on the flip side, make it too easy for them to cancel that plan once they      feel better)

Congress and the new administration has a lot to consider when it comes to repealing and replacing the ACA – but as a consumer, employer or human resources person tasked with deciding how you and those in your organization obtain healthcare, you can avoid having to worry about the fate of the act altogether. How? By finding a privately funded alternative to provide the healthcare coverage you need.

Direct contracting is a completely private solution to the healthcare coverage needs of individuals, public employers, private employers and even non-profit organizations. It can cover the people you’re responsible for affordably and easily, with less red tape and lower overhead costs for those in charge. This is the healthcare solution you’ve been waiting for. To learn more about direct contracting, contact GM&A Healthcare Consultants at (325) 224-3245. We will be glad to answer your questions!

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