A Free Healthcare Seminar for Employers!

A Free Healthcare Seminar for Employers!

We at GM&A are excited to announce a limited time offer to large scale employers. As healthcare consultants specializing in direct contracting - a service that can save employers up to 30% per year in healthcare costs, and one that delivers better care services to employees as patients - we are launching an offer to present a complimentary educational seminar, onsite at the location of any large employer that is interested.

If you are a decision-maker at a large employer, public or private, the GM&A team will fly to any location in the U.S. to provide this free seminar to your employees. We feel it is a valuable thing to offer not only your executives, management and HR, but your entire company - all employees. Why? Because the employer health plan affects all employees!

During this complimentary presentation, your organization can learn:

  • Why traditional health insurance and health plan models are phasing out
  • Why direct contracting is the healthcare delivery model of the future
  • How GM&A’s proprietary software can use the claims information of an organization's employees to analyze what the parameters of your coverage should be - and, how that can save the employer money
  • What healthcare services may not be covered by your current plan - but can be covered in a direct contracting plan

As stated, this is a complimentary seminar that can be highly valuable for any large employer interested in saving money while still delivering a high quality employer-sponsored health plan to employees.

Best of all, there is no obligation; we are happy to present to you with no commitment required on your part. We understand that employers may look at a variety of options, and we are just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we would like the opportunity to present to you, follow up with you to answer your questions and let you tell us how we can best meet your needs. Contact GM&A today to learn more! We can be reached at (325) 224-3245.

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